How it all began

On a cold day, February 12, 2004, ten Anna “girls” gathered around the wood burning stove in the Sherley Brother’s Hardware Store in Anna, Texas.

Built in 1889, the hardware store is part of a large two story red brick building that houses the hardware store on the first floor and a funeral home and embalming room on the second floor. Connected to the north side of the brick building is a large wooden structure with barn like doors on the east and west ends. The wood structure still houses two hearses, one horse drawn, and a 1924 Lincoln auto.

The ten ladies were talking, laughing and remembering their youth. In the process they noted that places, names, and events that should be recorded for the future. The ten ladies were:

Jan Miller                  Linda O’Neal

Sue Chandler            Sue O’Neal

Quincy Rollins          Laura Collins

Saundra Griffin         Kathy Sherley

Judy Harlow              Dana Adams

Officers were elected.

Jan Miller, President – Linda O’neal, Vice President – Dana Adams, Secretary & Treasurer


See the pictures of the style show and luncheon event.


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Anna Depot Relocation and Restoration Project


In the beginning the major goal of AAHPS was to rescue the original Houston and Texas Central Railroad train depot  from a field in Anna and relocate it to a site near its original location.

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Cemetery Maintenance and Restoration

Anna Area Historical Preservation Society is focused on preservation of important artifacts around and about the Anna, Texas area. None of these artifacts are more important than the cemeteries and family plots scattered around north Collin County, Texas.

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Erection and Maintenance of Historical Markers

It is essential to share Anna’s history with others. That is why erection and maintenance of historical markers is so important.

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Some Anna Area Homes Having Historical Significance

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Jan and Virgil Miller describing the Sherley Store in Anna