On a very cold February 12th, 2004, ten area “girls” gathered around the wood stove at Sherley Brothers Store built in 1889, talking, laughing, and remembering their youth. In the process they noted the places, names, and events that should be recorded for the future. (From: Wayne Walters, Staff Reporter,The Anna-Melissa Tribune, February 27, 2004)
Listed below are the names of the original member:
Jan Miller
Linda O’Neal
Sue Chandler
Sue O’Neal
Quincy Rollins
Laura Collins
Saundra Griffin
Kathy Sherley
Judy Harlow
Dana Adams
Jan Miller, President
Linda O’Neal, V. President
Dana Adams, Secretary – Treasurer

It has been quite a journey since that chilly first meeting. The primary task would be to rescue the old depot from an overgrown field in Anna. The owner, Louis Robertson, agreed to donate the then 121 year old structure to the Society if we would pay to have it moved. To read the complete article click here

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